Breakfast & Lunch Menu

In addition to our baked goods, we offer a breakfast and lunch menu featuring many delicious sandwiches and wraps. In the morning try our vegan muffins, or a frittata with a fresh-brewed cup of our premium coffee or tea!


Buttermilk biscuits with cheddar, jalapeno and scallions $3.00
Frittata (vegetarian) with potatoes, eggs, feta cheese, sweet pea $3.75
Puff Pastry with apples or guava and cheese $3.50

Muffins  (Vegan):

Blueberry and corn $3.00
Green Apple, coconut, cranberries and walnuts $3.00
Zuchini, walnuts and raisins $3.00

Hot Soup:

Sandwiches & :

Turkey and Brie $6.00
Ham and Swiss cheese $6.00
Salami and Dill Pickles $6.00
Goat cheese and green apple $6.00
Asiago cheese and green apple $6.00
Mozzarella and avocado $6.00
Smoked salmon $7.00

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